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Our Professional Services

TaxPros has a lot to offer, we'll sum it up for you.


Website Services

Looking to get a website or e-commerce store put together? Creativity is huge, but the internet is sometimes bigger. If you have an idea you would like to come to fruition for your business or personal ventures, TaxPros can even help you in that department.

Between; Internet policies, Privacy acts,

Property copywrites,

Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communications Commission laws,

Hacker and scam protection, along with being set-up to hit top search engine results,
TaxPros can help you every step of the way, or get it all set-up for you! 

From individual tax prep, to business tax services; TaxPros has the knowledge to serve your needs. Any tax professional can prepare your taxes, but a good tax professional will seek out the correct ways to efficiently organize your finances to stay compliant with local and federal laws. This way you don't end up overpaying your taxes.

Imagine gaining hours, even days of your time back every month? Whether you’re self employed or have a small business, we can save you lots of time so you can get back to your personal life at the end of the day. We'll assess any errors to keep things clean and streamline.

Running a business can be an enlightening yet daunting task. Whether you’re just starting up your business or already in operation, we can help you with the headaches involved with staying compliant with the laws involved, all while helping you optimize the way your business runs to further reach your financial goals. This way you can truly focus on what your business is all about.

Consultation & Financial Planning

Sometimes you might run into a situation where you aren't sure where you're at financially, or maybe you would like to make a big step towards a big goal. We can give you the guidance to help figure out what you need, and to help you keep running smoothly for the future. 

Owing money to the IRS can be stressful, especially if they place a lien or levy on your assets or wages, or worse, threaten incarceration. Tax debt can happen to anyone. Whether you took an early 401k withdrawal, owe from being self employed, or an independent contractor, or have any other unforeseen events, our tax resolution program can help you get started on resolving your tax debt.

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